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BT Week 4 - Working up to the challenge

Week 4 Objectives
1. Last week you walked, ran & biked. This week you'll also get in the pool.
2. This week you will do your best to eat dinner on the early side.
3. Continue to journal

Training goal: Enjoy a nice bike ride, 30 min or longer
Nutrition goal: Look up a recipe for dinner from the World's Healthiest Food website( and try something new

Yesterday I scooted into the gym later than hoped, but for a good reason. I got a bike ride on the new Nike/Ipod bikes (you can plug in your Ipod and watch stuff). The cycling itself wasn't as challenging as staying comfortable in that seat for that long. Biking shorts should be in my future. Because for all the padded-ness of my ample behind, the place where it hurts the most is the sitz bones on the inside. Stat's for yesterday:

Time: 30 min
Distance - 10.8 kilometers (didn't check the miles)
RPM - 84
Calories: 180

Training goal: 30-min walk/run. Include 10 min of continuous jogging.
Nutrition goal: If you eat late (after 8pm) try pulling your dinnertime back a bit (earlier).

So, I just worked out this afternoon instead of this morning. The mental gymnastics of getting to the gym at a time when you're not normally there are interesting, but I had a real desire to go, so I just did. Had a light lunch of pasta and meat sauce and a huge salad. The nice thing about being at the gym around noon-ish is that everyone is pretty much gone. I started the walk and realized I'd mis-tied my right shoe. Despite many attempts, I couldn't get it right today, so I was very conscious of my right foot. I got the first 10 minutes in pretty easy and thought I really would go for a "jog" speed of about 4.3 for the middle 10. Well, it's a gentle enough pace, but I'm still not quie up to the challenge of jogging for 10 minutes straight. I made it through 4.5 minutes before having to slow down to a walk of 3.0 for about 3 minutes. Then I tried again, and made another jog of about 4 continuous minutes, but I was watching the clock with an evil eye, because I was ready to slow down.

I won't say that I'm not disappointed, I am. I'd hoped that would be less challenging than it was - but I still need some time before my ability catches up with my desire. However, I've decided that what I'm really doing, is still working up to the challenge of being there. Maybe as the weight comes off, it will get easier. I'm consciously making better choices about my food simply because it's tiring to train this way. And what's the point of sabotaging myself? Not that I don't give in, I am, but overall, it's getting better.

And in the "woo-woo" part of life. I keep getting messages from the PTB. Yesterday at the gym I ran into a woman who daughter went to school with my mine daughter (the college age one). Turns out she teaches a 'swim clinic' at the local fitness center (the one with the indoor pool). They also have a "Tri It Camp" for a mini - sprint at GMU. (will try and find more info on it and put it out here, but its not readily coming up on Google). It was great to talk to her, and I think I'm going to sign up for the swim clinics there - they meet twice a week during the days (9a to 9:45am) and it will get me back with someone who can help my body relearn those great things it used to do in high school. Was it chance or fate that put us in each other's path yesterday? I don't know, but it makes me happy it happened.

Tomorrow is just a 30 minute walk - yay!
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