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Exercise Indeed!

Well I'm just back in the door from vacation - 9 days in England and Scotland.

I did a TON of walking, much of it with a backpack. I had a great time, and think that the massive amounts of exercise absolutely count as training days. I did not eat as much as I do at home (how sad is that?) and only had a few drinks total.

Oh, but the diet coke tastes really weird there.. they add a second artificial sweetener that is not to my taste at all!!

How is everyone doing? I don't think I can plow back to see what I missed over 2 weeks, LOL.
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Did you take pictures? Sounds wonderful, walking included!
We took a few photos of locations (but I'm very meh about taking photos of places that have really nice photos of them readily available already).. but then we got to the British Museum and I took many, many, many photos of beads!!