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Triahtlon update

Well dear readers, despite the lack of posting I have not given up on my quest for training for a sprint triathlon.

Since my last post, I have been attending my swim clinic faithfully. Monday I swam for 800 meters. Warm up of a 100 meters and then lots of drills. The class is supervised by 2 women, who are both very knowledgeable and encouraging. My strokes need work - I've been told I tend to swim like a barge (straight hips as opposed to curving them with my freestyle stroke) so I have been working on that this week. Yesterday was a concious effort to turn from my core as opposed to my upper body, and boy howdy, it makes quite a difference. My line is longer and my sides ache (in a good way). I'm also working on coordinating my efforts better on the breast stroke to create a smoother flow down the lane. For grins and giggles yesterday I also tried the back stroke which I haven't done in forever. I succeeded in doing well with the stroke and moving the water efficiently, but i managed to bump into the wall on one side and then the lane markers coming back again. Yesterday I only got through about 500 or 600 meters, but it is progress and I'm happy with it.

Tuesday and today I made it to the gym for cross training. Tuesday I spent 15 minutes on the treadmill, but neglected to note distance. It was walking - and I need to get back to the running, but I'm fighting some psychological gymnastics telling me how much running sucks. Then I spent 20 minutes on the bike. I went 7 kilometers in 20 minutes. Which translates to about an hour and 15 minutes to get through the bike portion of the sprint if I keep up that pace. I miss biking outdoors, but it is just too freaking cold.

Food wise I'm making poor choices and the scale shows as much. If we hadn't run into both cars needing repairs *now* in the next week or so - I'd of seriously considered lobbying my husband for going to Jenny Craig or the like. I feel like if I can't get my food issues under control and lose some weight, all this training will be for naught. *gah*

Tomorrow will be another gym day. Also, I need to journal regularly again. It keeps me accountable.

What have you been up to?
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