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Incremental progress, the search for Balance and a hot guy

Yesterday I did not workout. I had a morning appointment to view a facility for my daughter's upcoming wedding reception. If my (future) son-in-law does return from his deployment at the expected time, the celebration will be in November. So, in planning time, that means 'real soon now' ... so finding and booking a site is really important. I then spent the rest of the afternoon viewing the other two sites that were top on the list. So, by the time I was done, I had just enough time to get to the market and pick the kids up from school. When there are other things in my day, I find it hard to fit in a workout, but I know how important it is to do so. Right now it's really challenging for me to find balance to fit in what's important to me (triathlon) and still get everything done for everyone else.

Fortunately Mondays and Wednesdays I feel I have to go to my swim workout because I've invested the money in the instructors and facility.... so today was good, and I made more progress.
Monday I swam 1025meters. The most I'd accomplished in an hour after my start from 2.5 weeks ago. Today I swam 1300 meters! That's progress of 275 more, and it makes me so happy. My endurance and cardio capacity are noticeably different and it just makes me do the "Snoopy" happy dance on the deck. Cindy, my Wed instructor (Jean is the one on Mondays) almost always prints out the workout. Today she had 1800 meters planned. So for me to accomplish most of that makes me warm inside. Today's workout looked like this:

600 meter warm out
Freestyle 100 meters x4
alternate with 100 meters of kick

Main workout

8 x 50 -

Odds - 50 freestyle
Evens - 50 backstroke

200 meter choice with *no* break

100 meter cool down

The main workout was supposed to have another set of the 8 x 50, but I didn't make it that one. I concentrated on good form as much as possible. However I noticed again that getting tired makes my strokes sloppy and I have a harder time with the breathing. I'm not gonna drown, but I sucked water today a couple of times.

After my workout was done, I talked to Cindy for a bit. A really, really hot guy got into my lane to work out and OMG, it was a joy to watch him. He moved through the water so naturally and efficiently. I commented on how I'd really like to look like that in the water. Cindy notice and mentioned a tattoo on his upper right shoulder. "He's got an ironman tattoo" she said. And that explained a lot... we continued to watch him and I try to sear his stroke style and movement into my brain. I really, really want to look like that in the water... grace and speed and a sleek profile. I may not be there yet, but I can work toward it!

Last night I watched The Biggest Loser. The show fascinates me ... because it's incredible to see what the body and spirit can not only endure but grow. I confessed to lapsedagnostic last night that I've wanted to go on the show. I don't qualify because I don't have more than 100lbs to lose, but I keep remembering that it *could* be me if I don't keep working on things. There but for the grace of god/buddha/diety of choice, go I. I'd give my left nut to have Jillian bust my ass on a semi-regular basis, but I understand, it's not gonna happen. I'm considering joining the 'pound for pound' challenge on the website though.

So, tomorrow, I'm scheduling in a workout in the morning (unless I'm at a birth) because tomorrow afternoon it's an interview with what I hope to be the place that we'll be holding Widge's reception.

How are you all?
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