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Spinning the Wheels

So, today I was planning on walking and running ... however, when I got to the gym I ran into a friend of mine who asked if I was going to try the spinning class offered at 9:15am. I'd wanted to try it last month, but didn't realize you needed to sign up for a bike before going in, so I had to give up my spot. So, I headed straight for the desk and reserved a bike.

Setting up the bike was a little confusing, but after futzing with it for about 10 minutes, I managed to get the right settings. The instructor Julie is a walking, kinetic bundle of energy. Very nice and personable. I was a little intimidated because everyone in there seemed to know each other, but I took a bike towards the back and figured "What the hell, I can do this". The music is very high energy, and easy to follow. Unfortunately it drowns Julie out a bit, so I had to keep an eye on her to see when to turn up the tension. The first song was pretty good and I got my heart rate up in the 130's. That was the last time I saw that number ;-)

By midway through the 2nd song, and definitely by the 3rd song I was working and sweating. Heart rate would go up and down to the 160's when we "sprinted". I probably could of upped the tension just a bit, but I didn't want to push too hard the first time out. "Sprinting" on the bike has you getting up and pedaling like you were going up a hill. It gave my poor butt a break from the seat ... which is less than comfortable. But trying to keep your abs in, your shoulders down and a bend in your arms while doing all of this is a bit of a challenge. I really liked that she would remind us now and again though to do all of those things.

I made it through about 40 minutes before having to call it for the morning.... have an appointment with the cable company and I was almost out of water. I do wish the bikes had some sort of display that would tell me how far I'd gone and at what speed, but that would probably take up far too much room and lessen the ability of people to take the class.

End result? I'd do it again. I'll have to look it up and see when else the class is being offered. Tomorrow I'm back in the pool and I'm going to hit the treadmill on Thursday and Friday.
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