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Running, patience & power tools

So, I was up at 'OMG early' this morning, at least for me. It gave me time for some quiet and uninterrupted time with email and such. I deliberately put off breakfast though until my regular time because I didn't want to get to noon today starving. Speaking of starving, I went to bed last night hungry. I think I burned more than 70% of the calories I took in yesterday. Don't know for sure, but it's my theory and I'm sticking to it. However, I didn't give in to eating last night - and trust me, it was a challenge. I really wanted popcorn, or something, but I didn't do it. And bless lapsedagnostic he didn't go get anything either. Made it much easier. He says my new change is working on him too. He doesn't make poor choices for snacks and such, especially late, and that's having a good affect on him (and me).

Today the girls had chess club early at school, so I got my gym time in early too. I spent a half hour on the treadmill - slow at first and then progressing up to a working pace of about 3.5. I did about 4 two minute sprints over all of it. Raised my heart rate good and high. It wasn't fun though, it was just a challenge. I wanted to give up after about 15 minutes, but I kept at it, and made it 1.66 miles in 30 minutes. I'd planned on being at the gym and hour - so since I had time leftover, I decided to lift weights today. Upper body first. I'd like to get rid of the fat-pudge below my bra line and frankly I wouldn't mind reducing mass up there in general.....boobs included. The thing that most gets me is my upper arms, especially in pictures. I look like I could play football, and I'd like to look a little less like that. So I did:

Bicep curls (10lbs) 12 reps (x2)
Chest press (10lbs) 12 reps (x2)
Triceps pressbacks (7.5lbs)12 reps (x2)
Shoulder press (5lbs) 12 reps (x2)
Wings (5lbs) 12 reps (x2)

It's been a long time since I lifted anything, so I didn't go all out today, but I'm feeling it anyway. So I'll consider that a win. Tomorrow I'll do lower body just for a change up. I'm not sure what I'll do for cardio. Maybe jump rope? Box? I'll try to get at least 20 minutes in and at my target heart rate.

So I'm trying to be patient with the weight loss and body changes. I'm terribly impatient when it comes to this stuff. I want results, now!</end>. I'm trying to remember it's taken me a few years to put on the weight, so it's going to take more than a few weeks, months even, before it comes off. On the encouraging news front though, I feel a little better in my clothes. Small victory, but I'll take it where I can get it.

The upside of being up so early is I have a bunch of chores done already. Including dinner in the crock pot, and veggies cut and ready to go for dinner tonight. Now I'm off to a nice, hot shower and then off to play with power tools around the house.

Hmmmm ... women and power tools=hot :-)
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