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I've committed to a race

So, yesterday I got out in the cold and wet for a bike ride down the PW Parkway. A few lessons learned.

*the parkway is sure different on 2 wheels then it is on 4. Where did them freaking hills come from?
*check the weather next time
*6.3 miles outside on a bike is a *a lot* different than 6.3 miles on the bike inside the nice gym
*drink gatorade or some such instead of just water.
*oww - my aching butt and legs

Today was pool day. Did 1800 meters, even without the coach there (she sent the workout). Pushed myself - hard. Oh, and guess what I've found after all these weeks of swimming?
My triceps.

I've picked a race - May 30th (Memorial Day weekend). It's the BRATS Salute to the Military Sprint Triathlon. 6 weeks from now. I'd love it if those that are close by and interested want to come out to cheer me on. Race is early, starts at 7:30am. Being there for the finish would be awesome. It's near Bristow, VA - about 10 miles from the Nissan Pavilion. Let me know if you can make it.

I must be (a good kind of) insane.
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