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BT Week 3 - Day 4 - One hour of continuous movement

Tuesday's training goal: Go for an easy bike ride
Nutrition goal: Eat a healthy homemade lunch

I did neither for yesterday. Instead I went to the chiropractor for a long overdue adjustment and then to the knitting store for some much needed "me" time. After an ass-tastic last 2 weeks, I thought I needed to give my psyche a little break. I ate 2 pieces of an amazing chicken gourmet pizza. And a couple of cookies. Not my best choice. But I made up for it at dinner with thai chicken and veggies. Mmm.

Training goal: 30 minute walk
Nutrition goal: Eat a healthy homemade lunch

So, I opted to combine yesterday and today's workout. I did 30 minutes on the bike at the gym at a level 3. I chose a 'random' program and a set time, and put in almost 5 miles. Admittedly I had hoped to go farther in that amount of time. Because looking ahead, if I don't improve where I'm at, that's an hour & a half on the bike and I'm not sure my butt can take that. I was doing about a 4 minute mile.

After I got done upstairs on the bike, I headed down to the treadmill for a walk. I deliberately choose the bike/walk combo, as it's the order that the triathlon would go in. My legs were fatigued, but not awful and I got to walking about about a 3.4 speed. It didn't last ... I varied the speed up and down for a little recovery time. I did 1.6 miles on the treadmill.

An hour of continuous movement is interesting. I keep thinking that maybe my goal of doing this triathlon in April might be too ambitious. But I look at things like "The Biggest Loser" and I think ... if they can change their lives and health so much in 12 weeks, I should be able to do this in the next 18 to 20 weeks. But it's not going to fall into my lap. I'm still struggling with poor eating habits and I'm still lugging around all this weight, which makes the workouts ... *not*so*fun*. I did get through the hour, and I'm hoping that in a few weeks I'll look back at this and be amused at what I thought was so challenging.

New shoes are still kick-ass. My left leg hurt more today, but still not on the same level as before. I will be careful lalartu. I'm open to any advise from runners and other athletes on my filter.

Is anyone else working on goals over the winter/holiday season? It's so quiet around here with just a few posts here and there......
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