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BT Week 4 - Want to know what an $8 ass-kicking feels like?

So yesterday was a 30 minute walk and early dinner. I elected to have my "rest" day instead, which means I won't be taking the optional rest day Friday, I'll be walking.

Wednesday - the $8 ass-kicking

Training goal: Find a local pool and check out the water. Work on getting comfortable and try some easy, enjoyable laps. Your intention throughout your training for a first triathlon is to be relaxed and efficient in the pool (lake or ocean). There's no need to emulate Mark Spitz.
Nutrition goal: Early dinner

So, I was really excited about today - being back in the pool for myself. I'm in the pool every summer for my kids, but this was time for me, and I was determined to make it work. There was the initial hilarity of trying to fit my knee-length braid into my silicon swim cap. I finally got it on, and also got an instant face-lift in the process. Holy-moly, it's going to be amazing if I make it through the training without seriously considering cutting my hair to a more manageable length!

Got out to the lanes and realized that I'd forgotten to grab goggles *gah*, but I got in anyway. The first lap felt wonderful, but mostly because I wasn't really trying that hard. It was just nice to be back in the water and the feeling of being slightly weightless. After one lap of fooling around I tried an entire lap of crawl with my head out of water. Oh, there's my heart rate.

In the end I challenged myself to stay in the water of about 25 minutes. I alternated every kind of stroke (except the butterfly). I discovered the silicon cap slips and that I really need goggles. It was challenging, for both my cardiovascular system and for all the muscles in my back and shoulders. It was 20-25 minutes of self-imposed ass-kicking (and $8 to get into the pool, but I can feel it, and I like it!

I'm getting my pool workout in early next week before we leave for the beach, because I may be kind of crazy, but I'm not getting into the Atlantic while we're gone. It's all walking, running and biking next week.

PS: Anyone have any swimming icons please?
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