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BT Week 4 - Woot! I did it!

Training goal: 30 minute walk/run. Include a 10 minute stretch of jogging.
Nutrition goal: Early dinner

*happy dance* ~twirls around and doing little fist pump cheers~

Okay, *ahem* now that's out of the way. Today was, you know, that day. The one that includes running/jogging. But I had a goal and I was determined to make it happen. I was going to do the whole 10 minutes of jogging (even slow jogging) and I did it! Okay, I had to hold on to the rails a few times, but I didn't slow down, and I didn't stop moving and I did it. The last 3 minutes was the hardest. My original plan was to make it to at least 6 minutes of continuous jogging (beating the other day of 4.5 minutes), but when I got to 6, 7 looked like a lucky number and then it was "well, I made it this far, what's 3 more minutes?" . Let me tell you, from a non-jogger, 3 more minutes was a lot! The last minute it was my mantra, "I can do this, I am doing this, X more seconds". So there it is, I made a small milestone for me. Stat's for today look like:

Time: 35 minutes
Distance: 1.81 mile
Speed: 3.2 (5 minutes), 3.4 (5 minutes) - 4.0 (jog) 10 minutes - 3.0 walk (10 minutes) - cool down
Calories: 151

My next goal is to make it 10 minutes without having to hang on. It will come when it comes.

We're leaving for our annual holiday at the beach next Tuesday. I'm taking the Book with me and planning on making my workout every day. Weeks 5 & 6 have you schedule your own workout for the day as it fits your schedule. So, I'm getting my swim in at the pool on Monday.

I'm off to take a well deserved shower. Eat well, do good things for yourself!
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