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Still here, and making good/crazy choices

~dust, dust~ Time to get back to posting about life, the universe and training for a triathlon.

When I last left off, it was Dec. 17th and I'd managed to jog (slowly) for 10 whole minutes, and I celebrated and was happy. Then I got distracted. Life has a way of doing that to you if you're not organized. I did not work out that Friday, as my 12 year daughter T spent most of the evening of the 17th and the next day (Friday) throwing up and running a fever. Saturday we had the mini-snowstorm-of-doom here. 17 inches in less than 24 hours. I realized for some of you that's a drop in the bucket, but 'round here, it makes you pay attention. I spent that weekend celebrating an early Christmas with B, and then Sunday & Monday were spent packing for the week at the beach. We drove most of the day Tuesday, so that day was out too. I did get up Wednesday (23), and Thursday (24) and walk both days for 30+ minutes. Christmas day and Boxing Day I didn't walk at all. My hubby was my good conscience on Sunday and I walked again (with my HR monitor) and was able to gauge progress in terms of exertive effort. BTW, walking on the beach, in the sand is work. Monday we packed, and Tuesday (29th) we left and drove home.

The rest of last week I neither worked out, nor ate well. That was a poor decision on my part.

Yesterday I reread "The South Beach Diet Supercharged" and decided a more formal eating plan was in order. I made a list for the market, but as fate would have it, the first of my January clients decided to give birth yesterday. So, I was a birth from 4pm yesterday, to 4am today. No exercise and food was shot as well.

So, here's the dedicated/crazy part.... I got up this morning after about 4 hours sleep and signed up for *and did* a swim class this morning from 9am to 10am. This swim clinic meets twice a week M/W from 8:55am to 9:55am for the next 6 weeks and all you do is swim and work on your strokes, strength and endurance. It's a cardio & whole body workout.

All total this morning I swam 400 meters. 100 meter warm-up freestyle, 50m kicking only, 200 meter stuttered stroke technique and finished with another 50 meters kick only. Talk about knackered. It was all I could do to put my dang clothes on and get back into the car.

With all that said though, I'm excited about this class. I'm beginning to wonder if my initial goal of an April triathlon was a bit ambitious, but I'm still not going to rule it out. However, even if I decide to move that back to June, what is important is that I am still moving forward towards my goal. That means something, at least to me. I didn't give up, I just got a little side-tracked with life and the holidays.

But I'm back. You guys still interested in hearing about it?

Go forth, be rested, eat well and do something good for yourself.
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I'm interested. Knowing that you keep pushing yourself helps me to put down the cookie and start exercising. :)