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Can't be a lazy swimmer ... or you suck water ...

So, today was my longest push in the water by far. I swam 1025 meters today, with few and short breaks in between. Warm up was 200 meters freestyle, with little breaks. Then we did 10 (50 meter) drills. The first 50 is a staggered stroke (or catch up) drill, the 2nd 50 is finger tip drag, the 3rd 50 is the fist drill, or swimming with just your forearms, but not hands. The 4th and 5th 50's were regular freestyle. In between each 50 meter we were only supposed to rest 10 seconds. I didn't quite make it with the short breaks (some were longer), but I did do both sets.

Then she pushed us to do "hard" 25m freestyle. Swim efficiently, breath, and don't dawdle to the end. Take a quick break, do it all over again. I did 125m of those.

At the end of class was a 200m cool down in which she let me do the breast stroke for 75m, and then a 25 of freestyle.

So, things I've discovered so far. I like having the instruction and guidance. I don't flail around and be lazy. She has a plan and I follow it. I can't be a 'lazy swimmer' - I learn to really rest on my rest periods or my stroke gets bad, I forget how to breathe and it feels like I'm gonna sink to the bottom or drown. I need to work on my bilateral breathing more... when I'm pushing myself for distance or speed, I auto-revert to right-sided breathing only. The earplug thing still isn't working right... too much time fiddling with them trying to keep the water out. Maybe I'll try plugs used for when you're shooting guns.

Today when Jean asked for the last 200 I almost said "Yes, I'll do it for you" ... but then I didn't ... I thought, "Yes, I'll do it ... for me".

And I did. And it was good. Not great, but really, really good.
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