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Still working towards my goals

Hey all .... Sorry for the unintended hiatus lately. I am still committed to the triathlon, but haven't been diligent in my training beyond swimming. The swim classes still kick ass in all ways. The biggest improvement has been in my cardio levels. Yesterday I had a check up and the midwife was listening to my lungs .... "Do you do a lot of cardio?" she asked. When I told her what I've been doing, she said she could tell just by my lung capacity and how they sounds ... and she smiled :) Yay!

My distance is also continuing to go up every week. Monday I did 1250 meters. I didn't go in yesterday because of the snow.... and I was planning on the gym today, but it looks like I"m headed out to a birth - so I'm sticking close to home this morning.

I have been out on the bike and continue to hit about 7 kilometers in about 20 minutes. That's doing about 88 to 90 rpm. I very the intensity between 1 and 3, or 1 and 4. I'd like to get back on my bike, but it's just too dang cold out and I'm just not that hardcore. I'd rather be in the gym with the temperature control. Once we stop getting all this dang snow on a regular basis and I see possibilities of spring, I'll get out there.

Oh ... and small but exciting news for me. I actually dropped about 4lbs! Being down, even a small amount just makes me so happy! In relation to that particular news ... I've also decided that I need more help than I can do for myself ... so I've decided to try Nutrisystem. My weight and physicality has been such a mindfuck for me .... it makes me depressed, angry and resentful, that I felt like I had to do something. After comparing a number of different options, I think this one will help me get a head start down that path. If anyone has had experience with them, please share you insights, good or bad.

So, there's all the news that is fit to print for now. I'm looking forward to Valentines Day and having something fun to celebrate.

What about you all? I'm interested to hear what is going on with you all - your joys or struggles or both. Comment :)
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